Thank you for recent donations

Huge thanks to the following for recent donations, we are extremely grateful and never cease to be amazed by people’s generosity.

The O2 shop in Stamford, Lincolnshire donated  £100, Jonathan Landin from the store told us how they raised the money.

“We decorated the store with official Wimbledon products, e.g. tennis balls, rackets etc… had Wimbledon towels, everyone dressed up  and we offered out strawberries and cream sweets for the people who donated to the Free Kicks Foundation.”

The Class of ’72 Soul Nights have supported us for numerous years and this year was no exception and they raised £775 over their weekend in October.

Thomas, who was a mascot at Norwich City earlier this season, donated £15.10 by collecting current year coins.

George Boyd received a cheque for £50 to donate to the charity of his choice, on winning last season’s Player of The Year award at Burnley.

Paul Hodges from PSH Decorators donated £50 to put towards buying children gifts at Christmas.

Forever Posh, Peterborough United Supporters Club donated £100 from their end of season event.

Peterborough Town Cricket Club kindly donated £100 for each centurion in their Northants League campaign in 2016, this totalled £200 but they added £100 for Joe Dawborn’s amazing feat of taking all 10 wickets in 1 match.

Sarah Fairhurst donated £1,000 via Liam Fairhurst Foundation, after competing in two 10k runs recently.

And last but not least our good friend, Rachel Copsey and her new husband Joe, asked friends and family at their recent wedding to donate to us instead of buying gifts. The generous guests donated an amazing amount totalling over £1,200.

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