Ben’s Kick – Peterborough United v Leeds United

We were back at London Road for our latest Kick for the Championship match between Peterborough United and Leeds United. Ben, who is 9 and from Crowland, was our mascot for the day and we heard about Ben’s story through following his parents Simon and Melanie on twitter.

Melanie explained to us what happened: “Earlier this year Ben was diagnosed with an osteochondroma on the top of his left arm. We felt a lump on the top of his arm and the ball started rolling from there. He had this removed in May which involved chiselling the tumour off of his upper arm which was made more complicated as the tumour was wrapped in nerves and blood vessels. We were warned that there was a high risk and that, due to the size of the tumour and the amount they had to remove, his bone could be broken and/or he could suffer nerve damage. We were also informed that, whilst this type of tumour was normally benign, there a 5% chance that it wasn’t. We cant thank our ‘lucky stars’ enough. Ben had to be very careful for 3 months after the operation (no football, bike riding, throwing himself on the floor etc. ) as his bone was made weak by the operation.”

Ben must have wondered why he had to arrive at London Road so early as he didn’t know he was going to be mascot, we surprised him with the news when he turned up at reception to meet us! The look on Ben’s face was priceless as we presented him with his brand new Posh away kit and took him inside to meet Simon who looks after the mascots.

The day started with a tour of the ground and dressing room where Ben and brother Sam had pictures with the Posh players including Paul Jones and Joe Lewis. After the tour it was back to the David Seaman Suite before heading off to the pitch for a training session with the other mascots. Then it was back into the tunnel ready to walk out with captain Grant McCann before taking his regular seat in the family stand and watching as Leeds grabbed an injury time winner to claim the points with a 3-2 victory.

After the event Melanie told us “This is a day that Ben will remember for a very, very long time. During the Saturday evening he kept on saying that ‘I can’t believe I was a mascot today’! Ben told us that the cheering was ”so loud” as he walked out onto the pitch and that he wanted to stay on the pitch to play in the game!”

We would like to thank all at Peterborough United, as always we were brilliantly looked after.

More pictures here

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