Billie-Jo and Tom’s Kicks – QPR v Peterborough United

On Saturday 12th September, we arranged two mascots at the Championship match between Queen’s Park Rangers and Peterborough United at Loftus Road.

Billie-Jo was nominated to us by the Down’s Syndrome Association, and came along with her Dad, brother and sister. They had a meal in the W12 restaurant, before Billie-Jo joined the other mascots on the pitch ahead of the game.

Tom was the other mascot, he was nominated by QPR Community Trust. Tom sits with his family in the East Paddock, he goes to all the home games but has never been a mascot. What makes Tom special is that he travels to games with his Dad and older brother Aaron who is wheel chair bound with cerebral palsy, Aaron needs lots of attention during games, not only does Tom share the care of his brother at games but also he cares for Anne. Anne is also disabled and in a wheel chair, after she lost her husband 5 years ago Steve (Tom’s Dad) picks her up and brings her to football, where Tom not only wheels her around but takes care of her during the game.

Both of them had a fantastic time, and everybody at Loftus Road looked after all of us brilliantly!

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