Bradley’s Kick – Aston Villa v Newcastle United

Bradley was nominated by his mum, Sarah, to have a day out at Villa Park and we were delighted to organise a hospitality package for him at the game with Newcastle earlier this season.

Sarah emailed us after the day and said ‘We had a fantastic time and Bradley loved every minute of the day. We were treated like VIPs, we had a walk around the pitch and heard some interesting history of the Villa Ground. It was a lovely surprise when a few of the players came into the Exclusive Box and spoke to Bradley, as we took lots of pictures. This was an amazing day and lovely memories for Bradley…thank you so much and Aston Villa for putting a smile onto Bradley’s face, it will be something l will treasure for ever. Bradley also got a lovely gift which was an aeroplane with the Villa colours on, he is keeping that on the shelf under his TV, and he looks at this all the time.

Thank you again, the rest of Bradley’s granddads and uncles wanted me to say thank you for letting them spend the day with him,as it meant a lot to them too.’

Pictures here

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