Daisy and Birmingham Children’s Hospital

We carried out a slightly different Kick just before Christmas, for a family that we are proud to call friends.

We have known Daisy’s mum, Emily, for a long time and wanted to treat both Daisy and the whole family; Emily, dad Joe and brother Leo, to a fantastic Christmas. We arranged to meet Emily at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, as we wanted to deliver some Christmas selection boxes to the children on the Oncology Ward. It was a truly humbling experience meeting some of the children and their families, seeing them all coping so bravely after having their lives turned upside down after their cancer diagnoses. Experiences like this always affect us deeply and you leave, realising how much you can take life for granted.

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2 Responses to Daisy and Birmingham Children’s Hospital

  1. emily says:

    We will always be so very grateful to you all for such a wonderful gift, the ability to see each other albeit via Skype when we are seperate on our hospital visits.
    It is humbling to have faith in the greater good restored after such a terrible experience that is having a child of your own diagnosed with cancer. You are a fantastic charity and a fantastic coople of people. We love you very much Sam and Steve. Angels without wings. Not to just us, but all of our oncology family on ward 15 bringing selection boxes to very poorly children and their siblings and spreading light and christmas cheer in what can be a very dark place.
    thank you for being wonderful. X

  2. ANDY says:

    You are both an inspiration and your work brings happiness to so many vulnerable kids. Was brilliant meeting you both and I wish you and Freekicks all the very best for the future.

    Thank you so much for the joy you’ve brought to our young people x

    You are both legends!!!

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