Ethan’s Kick – Walsall v Peterborough United

On Tuesday 2nd November we headed off to the West Midlands for the League 1 match between Walsall and Peterborough United. Ethan, who celebrates his 5th birthday soon, was our lucky recipient. He was mascot for The Saddlers and came along with his family to The Bescot Stadium.

Ethan was nominated by Cheryl Bradburne at The Walsall Hospice, who are also Walsall’s club shirt sponsors. The evening started with Ethan being taken to the sponsors’ lounge, where the family were shown to the table where they would have their meal. A tour of the ground followed, including a chance to go on the pitch.

Following the meal Ethan was taken back down to the dressing room area and given his new kit, had a kickabout on the pitch before leading the team out and joining in the Fair Play Handshake and and meeting his favourite player Jimmy Walker. Then it was back to the stand to watch the match, which finished in a 3-1 defeat for Walsall.

After the match Ethan and his family were given a signed football by Walsall goalscorer Julian Gray.

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  1. Julie Dodwell says:

    Thank you so much for giving ethan this chance to meet our local team. We had a fantastic night and ethan was so proud to lead out the team. Thanks to all involved at freekicks foundation love from julie dave and ethan x

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