Jack and Lily’s Kicks – Peterborough United v Bradford City

Our next two Peterborough United mascots were both nominated by Young Carer organisations around the Peterborough area. Lily, 8, was chosen by our friends at Carers Trust Peterborough and was accompanied by her family on the day.

Jack, 13, had been suggested by Sally Spurgeon, from Lincs Young Carers, he is a huge football fan and we were delighted to invite him along as well.

It was a busy day at the Abax Stadium, there was a total of six mascots on the day so coordinator Simon was kept busy. We accompanied both families around as they were taken first to meet the players, then on an extensive tour around the ground. Next on the agenda was the coaching session so Jack and Lily, dressed in their new kits, took to the pitch and learnt a few new skills, before finally walking out with the teams ahead of the fairplay handshake.

Our thanks as usual to Dani and Sally from the two YC organisations, as well as Simon Morby and all at Peterborough United.

Pictures here

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