Jake’s Kick – Everton v West Bromwich Albion

On a day where we hosted two Kicks at Premier League games, our very special mascot at Goodison Park, for the game between Everton and West Bromwich Albion, was Jake from Llangollen. Jake was nominated by the community department at Everton for his treat.

Jake and his family had their own box for the evening, which was handily placed between Phil Neville and Phil Jagielka’s own boxes! They were given a tour of the ground including a visit to the dressing room where they met all of the players and Jake’s own kit was hanging beside the rest of the team’s own shirts.

Jake and his dad Rob were taken to pitchside ahead of kick off and waited for the teams to come out, before making their way to the centre circle alongside captain Phil Neville. They then returned to their box and watched as Everton ran out 2-1 winners over their visitors.

After the game Jake managed to meet more of the players, including goalscorer Leighton Baines, and Phil Neville tweeted a picture from the dressing room, saying how Jake’s pre match visit had inspired the team to the win!

We received a lovely letter from Jake’s parents after the event saying “This day and night is the most fantastic our family have had so thank you to Free Kicks Foundation and all the people that support you from Peterborough and else where in the country, you should both be very proud of the enjoyment you give to families”.

We would like to thank all at Everton FC for their amazing hospitality and the brilliant way they looked after Jake and made the day extra special.

more pictures and video here

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  1. Alison Burke says:

    I was one of the lucky family members to attend with Jake, the experience, hospitality but mainly Jakes face as we had tour, met players and proudly lead Everton on to the pitch was extraordinary. It’s a memory that will firmly stayed etched in my mind and thanks to Jake for inviting me to share a magical day and to Freekicks foundation for arranging it… Thank you

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