Kyla and Layla’s Kicks – Huddersfield Town v Hull City

Every year we organise a mascot package at Huddersfield Town and, in the past, have struggled to find an organisation to partner with in order to donate the package on. However, this year, we got in touch with Forget Me Not Children’s hospice, local to Huddersfield, and they were delighted to help.

They nominated two sisters to share the day together, Kyla, 8, and Laila, 12. Forget Me Not care for both girls and knew they would enjoy taking part in the day and getting involved. On the day the girls were accompanied by mum Hayley, and her partner Paul, who watched while the girls took part in the day’s activities, which included meeting the players.

Both Kyla and Laila received a new Huddersfield Town kit to wear on the day and keep afterwards, and received other souvenirs of the day too.

Our thanks go to Jason Costello, from Forget Me Not, and Karen Haigh from the football club, for helping to arrange this memorable day.

Pictures here

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