Liam’s Kick – Peterborough United v Scunthorpe United

Another Carers organisation we have worked with for the first time this season is the Lincolnshire Young Carers Service, based in Boston. One of the support workers, Sally, got in touch with us and asked if we could arrange a day out at Peterborough United for one of the young people she provides support for, 15 year old Liam. We were happy to oblige and reserved a place at the game against Scunthorpe Utd for him.

We met Liam on the day,he had brought all his family with him, who were all as excited as he was. He had already been given his new Posh kit, the pink away version, which he was delighted with, and wore it when he visited the dressing room to meet the team. He chatted to all the players and posed for many pictures with them. The rest of the tour followed then, next on the agenda, was the coaching session on the pitch with the other mascots and Simon, the mascot coordinator.

Liam then walked out onto the pitch with the team ahead of kick off,before rejoining his family to watch the game.

Our thanks got to Sally Stanfield from Lincs Young Carers and all at Peterborough United for helping Liam to have a truly memorable day.

Pictures here

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