Louis and Lexie’s Kicks – Peterborough United v Notts County

Our mascots for the match between Peterborough United and Notts County were twins Louis and Lexi, who were nominated by Peterborough Area Downs Syndrome Society.

We received this amazing email from dad, Chris, after the day:

Dear Sam and Steve,

As a family, we just wanted to write formally to you to say a massive, massive thank you for Saturday and Louis and Lexie’s ‘kick’

To be honest, we already had very high expectations for the day, and the children were naturally hugely excited. All of our expectations however were exceeded in every single way possible. The attention to detail by the club and the kindness showed by yourselves to our family was overwhelming.

In the end, I can sum it up best by saying it was probably the best day of the children’s lives. Louis has barely stopped talking about it and it has also inspired him to join our local football club on a Saturday morning. This is important becuase it not only shows that the children had an amazing day out and experience but the impact of the day will go on. As you would have realised when you met him, Louis does very little talking. Even for a child with Downs Syndrome. On Saturday and Sunday we heard him say far more than he had ever said before. We were amazed. That’s the direct impact that your kindness has had.

We genuinely can’t thank you enough for what you did.

Very best wishes to you, your families and your fabulous charity
Chris, Jenny, Louis and Lexie King

Pictures here

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