Marcus and Matthew’s Kicks – Doncaster Rovers v Portsmouth

Patrick Smith kindly went along to Doncaster for our second Kick at the Keepmoat this season. Marcus and Matthew were nominated by our good friends at Bluebell Woods.

Saturday 16th was the date for a double kick at the Keepmoat Stadium, home of Doncaster Rovers. We met the special boys, both nominated by the Bluebell Hospice, Matthew with his parents and brother and Marcus with his mum and grandparents, in the reception and were shown up to the lounge for lunch.

The boys didn’t take part in the glass of champagne upon arrival, but they did enjoy the first two courses of a lovely lunch. It was cheesy garlic bread followed by fish and chips for the boys.

There was no time for dessert however, as it was time for the tour of the stadium and to meet the players. Matthew and Marcus went off with a parent and the rest of us stayed to enjoy the hospitality in the lounge, including meeting the Donny mascots.

Soon it was time to take our seats and we were able to watch the lads lead the team out onto the pitch.

Unfortunately the match itself was a little bit of a disappointment with Doncaster controlling, but never really threatening in the first half until Chris Brown’s typical poacher’s goal in the 37th minute.


At half-time we went back inside to finish our desserts, but it seemed that the Doncaster team had had a heavy dessert at half time too as they were very lackluster in the second half and inevitable Portsmouth equalised on 75 minutes.

After the match there was even more hospitality as we took part in the man-of-the-match awards, meeting both Chris Brown and James Coppinger.

It was a great end to a great day.

Thank you to Patrick and his son Joshua for hosting the Kicks, as well as Danny Ireland and his team at Doncaster Rovers for their brilliant hospitality

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