Noah’s Kick – Everton v Sunderland

Easter Monday was a special day for 8 year old Noah and his family from Southport. The whole family are massive Evertonians and less than a week before the FA Cup Semi Final at Wembley, they were our guests for the Premier League game with Sunderland. Noah was nominated by his auntie Alison Ruston. We were unable to attend the day due to commitments at our other Kick in Peterborough so we asked Noah’s mum Vicki to tell us about the day…..get your tissues ready!

On Monday 9th April 2012, Free Kicks sent our family on a hospitality day at Everton Football Club.  Myself and my husband enjoy an amazing life with our 4 sons.  Unfortunately Noah, 8, has duchenne muscular dystrophy, which is a very cruel muscle wasting disease, which will shorten Noahs life dramatically! We live our lives to the full, making memories!!
On Monday we arrived at Everton feeling like royalty, we got a fabulous meal, gifts, tickets to the game, then to top it all off, Phil Neville, Evertons captain welcomed us into the players lounge after the game to mingle with the players.  But it gets better, John Heitinga, gave Noah his shirt from the days game, still dirty and sweaty, Noah took it bed with him that night!
A day is just a day, people are just people, but without charities like Free Kicks, days would not be memories.  Seeing the smile on Noahs face, watching him not worrying about “being stuck in a wheelchair” or “being depressed about being different” warmed our hearts!
As a family we want to say a huge thank you to Sam and the team at Free Kicks for all their hard work and effort for all the arranging, and also the fundraising!

You’ve made one little boy very happy, and so that makes me happy!
Vicki Cunningham
Noah’s Mum

We would especially like to thank Phil and Julie Neville for their generous help in making Noah’s day even more special, as well as our friends at The Holy Trinity website for popping along and delivering a goody bag.

more pictures here

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