Seb and Kasabian – Sheffield United v Peterborough United

Back in March 2015 we arranged for young Kasabian to be a mascot for Sheffield United. On the day we met his brother, Seb, who was quite sad that he couldn’t share the experience with his incredibly brave brother, who is battling cancer. We promised him that we would book up another game for him in the future and so, just a few months later, both boys came along to the game against Peterborough to be mascots together.

Their afternoon began in the Museum,where we met up with the family. Kas had only been given permission to leave hospital that morning as he had just started another course of chemotherapy. The staff were hesitant about letting him go but they could see how much it meant to him, to be able to go and support his team.

They started the activities with a trip to the dressing room to meet the players, followed by a tour of the ground. Next up was a coaching session on the pitch and, despite his situation, we watched Kas as he was passing the ball to Seb, determined to enjoy every minute. The afternoon culminated in the boys walking out with their team to the applause of almost twenty thousand fans.

We have met Kas twice now, his courage and strength is nothing short of humbling. Being able to witness first hand the excitement and enjoyment he and his family experienced at Sheffield United reinforces our pride in the work we do. Everybody that supports or donates to Free Kicks enables these events to happen and helps to create memories that last forever.

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