Zach and Adam’s Kicks – Watford v Hull City

Date: Saturday October 29th 2016

Mascot name: Zach and Adam

Age: 9 and 11

Score prediction before game: Zach – 2-0 Watford / Adam – 3-0 Watford



Favourite player: Zach – Troy Deeney / Adam – Heurelho Gomes

Hobbies: Zach – Reading, playing and watching football, computing / Adam – Trains, going on the underground, theme parks, swimming

Nominated to Free Kicks by: Watford Mencap

Actual score: 1-0 to Watford

Our thanks to: Sarah Fishwick and Watford Mencap for nominating the boys, plus all at Watford FC.

We heard from the boy’s Mum, Shamim after the day at Vicarage Road.


Well, what can I say about Saturday, it was fantastic!

We arrived at the ground at 11.45, there were 3 other Watford mascots and one from Hull. The boys were given a goodie bag with a football, autograph book, programme and a lovely souvenir, I’ll send a picture. The other children had their own football kits and when I asked about kits they didn’t have them but when I said that we’d been told that Adam and Zach would get one they went and got one each for them, I hope that was right, I felt a bit awkward but the organisers were fine about it.

We had a tour of the media suite, players lounge, changing rooms, showers, lots of photo opportunities. Then the boys went off to wait for the players and to get autographs whilst we waited pitch side by the dugouts. The children were in there for a while and when they came out with their footballs signed they were all so happy. Then some players came out on the pitch to warm up so we got to take photos. After that the children got interviewed and that was broadcast live on the big screen. Next came playing on the pitch, then into the tunnel to wait to walk out onto the pitch. The whole thing was brilliant but at this moment there was such a buzz, such excitement and anticipation, I was nearly bursting, it was even more for Adam and Zach. The smiles of joy on their faces when they walked out, gorgeous! And we could see them on the MOTD highlights!

The three guys who looked after us were brilliant. They explained everything clearly, answered loads of questions, prepared us for what was happening and going to happen next – so important for a child like Zach. Nothing was too much trouble and the joy we got out of the day was in no small way down to them.

And of course to you and Free Kicks. I will never be able to thank you enough for the experience. Things can be tough and the excitement building up to yesterday, the day itself and the memories, well, they truly will last a lifetime and was a massive boost for us all. I hope it was ok putting a post on your Facebook page, I wanted also to raise awareness to people I know of your organisation.

Thank you so much, from all of us.

Shamim, Adam, Zach and Paul, with much love always xxxxx

more pictures here

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