Fantastic Posh 2 Brussels support from Total Cycle Assist

For the second year running Total Cycle Assist are supporting our charity cycle ride to Brussels. Details of this amazing backing in the press release below.

We are truely grateful to Richard and his team.

Active Support Ramped Up For Free Kicks Foundation

Total Cycle Assist have reset the bar for supporting The Free Kicks Foundation in 2014. Having launched their support campaign in 2013, they’re already planning next years, and are underpinning this with media and press visibility. Targeting specific events and FKF’s supporters as well, TCA is pushing to get as many people as possible to be covered for accident cover as possible. “It’s a no brainer really”, says Richard Williams, MD for Total Cycle Assist, “Accidents do happen, but it’s our job to assist cyclists at that point and throughout any resulting damage repair and health issues, so that the process is as smooth and trouble free as possible”.

Total Cycle Assist began their Free Kicks Foundation support campaign in 2013 with the Posh2Brussels event in which they cut the cost in half of their TCA cover for all participants, All FKF supporters were able to benefit by reduced cover costs.

Total Cycle Assist is happy to continue to support the free Kicks Foundation for 2014, repeating the offer for the Posh2Brussels ride, which sees the rates for cover cut from £24 to £12 for all cyclist and supporters. Participants will again have their full payment donated.

Peace of mind is key, especially when you’re dealing with kids, and that’s a major draw for those who sign up with TCA. Total Cycle Assist ensures peace of mind on the roads anywhere in Europe and gives members a range of essential benefits including bike repair, replacement, private healthcare, unlimited bike values and unlimited cyclists on each policy.

The Free Kicks Foundation sponsorship opportunity is available on the Just Giving web site and you can donate to this at:

All money donated goes to the charity and if you are a tax payer, please fill that part in for the charity to receive a greater sum in Gift Aid, which comes direct from government.

Support for this charity is key to their survival, and Total Cycle Assist have jumped right on board, sharing a common ethos that outdoor activity is an essential developmental tool, helping to promote community, unity, team work and a sense of achievement.

Commenting on this union Richard Williams, MD for Assist Protect said, “The Free Kicks Foundation is a marvellous charity, it goes right to the heart of how we should be driving forward with kids and outdoor sports. We’re proud to be a supporter”.

For more information on Total Cycle Assist go to:

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