Free Kicks helps Young People in South Wales attend Cardiff City

For the past 6 seasons Free Kicks have provided Cardiff City season tickets to the 16+ team at Torfaen County Borough Council in South Wales. After this year’s successful season for The Bluebirds we received a wonderful email from Stephen Morgan, Young Person’s Advisor at TYPSS.

We have also renewed the season tickets for 2018-19 season, when Cardiff City are back in the Premier League.



Can I start by saying a massive thank you again for access to the Cardiff City Season tickets for what’s been an absolutely amazing season for the club and fans.


The season has seen the tickets utilised on a near 95% attendance record (we struggle with midweek fixtures with the clients due to education and travel difficulties).  We have been able to facilitate young people aged between 14 and 20 to attend the matches with the last match in the season being quite a special occasion where one of our senior social workers, Richard, was able to purchase an extra two tickets and  he supported three young unaccompanied asylum seekers to watch Cardiff gain promotion after a 4 year absence.


The experience has a massive impact on the young people with many experiencing professional sport for the first time, they are also able to have positive experiences with parents and carers alike. The tickets are often offered as a reward for academic achievement (attendance and attainment), continued engagement in support plans and also meeting the requests of individuals who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to attend.


Thank you and your organisation very much for the fantastic support in the last 6 six years it’s been very positive for the young people in Torfaen.

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