Partnership with Kano Foundation

Free Kicks Foundation are delighted to announce another of our Season Ticket schemes, along with The Kano Foundation, a group of volunteers working to help young children, in partnership with Glasgow Celtic FC, to offer a match-day experience to a range of children’s groups.

Following our successful fundraiser last year, when we toured all Scottish football grounds in 48 hours, we pledged to spend the money raised north of the border. With that in mind we have donated the cost of 1 adult and 1 junior season ticket for Celtic Park to The Kano Foundation. This will ensure that, in the 2013/14 season, 19 children who wouldn’t normally get the chance to watch football will be able to go along and support their team.

Joe Mackin, Kano Foundation trustee said:

We are delighted the Free Kicks Foundation could make this generous donation as it will enable us to take 19 deserving children, along with their helpers, to top flight SPL matches next season.

“It is great that two well-loved football charities are working together to achieve very similar aims. We hope this partnership continues, ensuring many more young people can gain the benefits of a great day out.

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