As you have no doubt noticed there seems to be a trend lately for charities to adopt months in order to raise money. Not wanting to be left out and, as there are only 12 months and thousands of charities, we came up with the idea of Socktober!

Everybody has odd socks! Even celebrities, footballers and other sportsmen and women must have them? Cue ‘Socktober’…where we ask famous people to donate an odd sock to Free Kicks for us to auction in October. The target is that we will get at least 31 socks so we can auction one a day throughout the month.

The plan is that we will send a compliment slip for the person donating to sign as a certificate of authenticity and, where possible, get a picture of the celebrity with the sock.

More details on how we will auction the socks will be announced closer to the time and, in the mean time, we will be asking anybody famous we can find on twitter or through other contacts to donate a sock. If you know anybody who you think might like to donate a sock please contact us at

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2 Responses to Socktober!

  1. Bob Anderson says:

    You can have one of mine if you like!

    And I’ve shared this on Facebook too. Good luck with the charity.Bob

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