Sponsor Football Ltd and Free Kicks Foundation

Sponsor Football Ltd is dedicated to helping grass-roots football teams find a local Sponsor and promoting the spread of football sponsorship across the UK.

Sponsor Football Ltd provide football teams with a range of marketing tools via a web-based portal and help them to find a Sponsor willing to provide football sponsorship for this season, and beyond, with a unique mix of free and chargeable services. Their experience has taught them how to capture the interest of businesses and they are proud to have worked with thousands of football teams and businesses since 2008.

The team at Sponsor Football Ltd have adopted Free Kicks Foundation as their charity for 2012 and will be supporting us by donating £5 from every online registration that includes their £30 Option Pack, purchased on their website as an add-on to the free registration.

“The Free Kicks Foundation are doing great things for children and we are delighted to be working with them throughout 2012. We hope to provide a financial boost to the charity and help grow the awareness of the work that they do”. Samantha Harvey, Sales Director at Sponsor Football Ltd.

We are extremely grateful for their support and look forward to working with them over the year. You can read more about Sponsor Football Ltd at http://www.sponsorfootball.co.uk

If you know of any football clubs needing sponsorship please ask them to get in touch.

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