Update on Futsal Sponsorship at Cardiff City

We recently received the following email from Stephen Morgan at Torfaen County Borough Council, you may remember that we sponsored 4 young people’s kit for their Futsal course with Cardiff City.

Some good news in that one of the young people who you sponsored with the kit this looks like he will leave the Futsal course and go into higher education. It sounds negative that he is leaving but without the years development at the Futsal Jeff would never had either the confidence or a direct route into higher education. (University of Wales all things go well).

A 25% success rate is high by the standards that are expected from the peer group with which we work, so hopefully next years intake we can get another 3 or 4 lads or lasses on the course and into a career  in sports development or  sports science. A massive thank you to your charity is needed as the kit provided allowed the four lads to have a feeling of self worth and achievement that would have escaped them, without the kit. All four have benefited in ways which are difficult quantify: One lad has used the skills developed to pass the fitness and aptitude test for her majesty’s armed forces and another lad has moved onto a trainee scheme with Morrison’s in his spare time.

Thanks Steve on behalf of the boys as I know they have all benefitted beyond all expectations.

It is getting feedback like this that makes our day here at Free Kicks and gives us immense satisfaction. To know that one donation from us has positively benefitted the lives of four young individuals is amazing and hard to put into words.  Of course, none of the work we do would be possible without all the help we receive from our team of supporters, fundraisers and friends who all contribute towards projects such as this…they should all be just as proud of this outcome as Sam and I are.


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